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A brief introduction to Chuanchuan Xiang-CENHOT

Dec 10,2019.

Chuanchuan Xiang, originated in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, is one of the traditional snacks in the Sichuan region, and is also a manifestation of the most popularization of civilian cuisine. It is actually another form of hotpot, so people often call it a small hotpot.

A brief introduction to Chuanchuan Xiang-CENHOT

The origin of the name "ChuanChuan Xiang" is because it is a kind of snack that uses bamboo skewers to string out various dishes and put it in a hot pot. Chuanchuan Xiang is spread throughout many cities in the country with its unique charm and distinctive features. “Spicy” is also a variant. It can be said that as long as there are people there are strings of ChuanChuan Xiang, even to a certain extent, Chuanchuan Xiang has become one of the representatives of Sichuan flavor.

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