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How to choose hot pot table and chair color

Dec 19,2019

If you have opened a hot pot restaurant before, you must know how painful it is to choose a hot pot table. If you are preparing to open a new hot pot restaurant, you may be experiencing the headache of choosing a hot pot table.

As a salesperson of the hot pot table manufacturer, share your personal experience.

First, clarify the decoration color of the hot pot restaurant. For example, the classic decoration style is to choose dark Chinese hot pot tables and chairs; the modern decoration style hot pot restaurant is to choose light or log color hot pot tables and chairs. Therefore, before deciding on the color of hot pot tables and chairs, it is important to clarify the decoration style of the hot pot restaurant.

How to choose hot pot table and chair color

Secondly, the color of the hot pot tables and chairs in the hot pot restaurant should be coordinated with the color of the wall and floor. For example, the color of old elm Chinese furniture is relatively deep, and it can be coordinated by using modern elements, such as modern chandeliers, light yellow, orange, etc. Color walls, ceilings, floors, etc. are used as the backdrop. The use of white, yellow and other light-colored window cloths, cushions, and pillows can create a comfortable and fresh sense of space; you can also choose red and purple-red fabrics to match the dark red The hot pot tables and chairs create a sense of mystery, romance and luxury.

Then, according to the personal preference of the hot pot restaurant owner, some like haze blue, others like big red and so on.

In short, just follow these points mentioned above will definitely solve the problem of how to choose your color!

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