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Teach you how to choose a hot pot table more professionally

Dec 24,2019

Professional hot pot tables should meet the following requirements

(1) Equipped with professional heating equipment --- regular products, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient operation and simple maintenance;
(2) Reasonable product structure design --- simple installation, stable and safe, smooth ventilation, concealed wiring and convenient switching;
(3) Beautiful product appearance design --- scientific selection of materials, beautiful proportions, modern styles, highlighting the individual needs of users;
(4) Real materials and fine workmanship must be strictly in accordance with the drawing materials and standardized construction, and there are no obvious flaws in the appearance of the product.

Teach you how to choose a hot pot table more professionally

How to choose a heating device

Before making a professional hot pot table, a hot pot operator should first determine what kind of heating source to use. At present, there are more than ten types of hot pot heating sources: charcoal stoves, wood stoves, bottled gas stoves, pipe gas stoves, cassette stoves, alcohol stoves, light wave stoves, electric ceramic stoves, and induction cookers. Each type of heating source has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose which kind of heating equipment, the operator should consider the following factors and make a comprehensive choice.

(1) The requirements for the firepower of the operating hot pot varieties;

(2) The positioning of the market customer base;

(3) The decoration grade and style of the hot pot store;

(4) The existing power supply and gas supply situation, the electric capacity expansion, and the gas supply into the store, costs;

(5) Llocal fire protection policies;

(6) Own economic strength.

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