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CENHOT Participated in the 12th China Hot Pot Industry Conference

May 14,2021.

On May 13, 2021 (Wednesday), General Manager Zhang attended the 12th China Hot Pot Industry Conference on behalf of CENHOT to provide CENHOT customers with better hot pot restaurant solutions that closely follow the development of the industry’s market needs. 

Could you find CENHOT on the wall?

1. Beef and shrimp slippery grabs the supremacy, and lo-mei rises 

2. Dishes play the "combination card", no more multiple choice questions for dining 

3. Exploring regional cuisine, the product line is more pyrotechnic 

4. Highlight the value of the product and make customers feel "value" 

5. To divert the flow of desserts/drinks, it is urgent to create a "featured label" 

6. Pursuing the ultimate freshness, there is still a market for "fresh hot pot" 

The conference analyzed new trends in the industry and put forward a new round of demand for hot pot in the catering market, the core driving force of hot pot market upgrades and drainage methods, which have a good effect on the operation and preparation of our customers' restaurants.

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