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  • How to have the interior finishing for barbecue restaurant

    How to have the interior finishing for barbecue restaurant

    Apr 29, 2022

    How have a good decoration design for BBQ restaurant! Today, let's take a look at that need to be noticed to when decorating a barbecue restaurant. 1. Define the theme style and form your own characteristics With the increasing number of consumers in the market for barbecue restaurants, operators who want to run a barbecue restaurant need to highlight their own theme style to attract the consumers’ interesting! Moreover, the tables and chairs should be consistent with the overall theme. For example, most Japanese and Korean barbecue restaurants willuseJapanese and Korean decoration styles andJapanese and Korean cultural elements such as tatami and spanking to highlight their cultural characteristics. 2. Choose floor decoration materials with an anti-slip effect When decorating the barbecue shop,you had better choose floor decoration materials with a good anti-slip effect. 3. Choose the right light The designer of the barbecue shop decoration will install bright lamps in the shop because the dim light will directly reduce people's appetite and mood. Under the lighting effect of suitable brightness, the roasted food looks more attractive and delicious, which increases the barbecue. The restaurant's dining atmosphere. 4. Carry out the exhaust and smoke treatment When the barbecue restaurant is decorated, you can install a smoke exhaust pipe above each barbecue table or install several exhaust fans on the ceiling to discharge the smoke generated by the barbecue out of the room in time, reducing the turbidity of the restaurant, and exhaust the smoke. Gas facilities should be prepared for blocking and fire prevention to optimize the dining environment for consumers. 5. Choose the right wall material Barbecue restaurants will generate a lot of oil fumes during operation. Walls with light tones such as white can be dirty easily, so they should be treated with darker art paints. They are not only easy to scrub and clean during using, but also easy to clean. Moreover, the wall dirt formed by the oil fume is also less obvious and has the aesthetics and practicability. 6. Choose the right kitchen utensils In the decoration and design process of the barbecue shop, the most important thing is to take measures to prevent fire and oil fume in advance. Therefore, it is best to buy a barbecue table that is easy to clean and resistant to oil stains for the kitchen utensils in the barbecue shop.  Good fire resistance and the oil pollution generated during use is easy to clean CENHOT  is One Stop Supplier for hot pot and BBQ equipment for 16 years exprience.You can get all you need in here

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  • Taste hot pot food in Mother's day

    Taste hot pot food in Mother's day

    Apr 24, 2022

    It 's a big for Mother's Day.You could go to hot pot restaurant with your family.You must have a good time.

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  • Happy New Year 2022 - Cenhot

    Happy New Year 2022 - Cenhot

    Dec 31, 2021

    Cenhot wishes you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year.

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  • Merry Christmas - Cenhot

    Merry Christmas - Cenhot

    Dec 24, 2021

    Cenhot wishes you peace,joy and happiness through Christmasand the coming year.

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  • The introduction of new product-Exhaust Hood System

    The introduction of new product-Exhaust Hood System

    Oct 09, 2021

    Recently, we have newly promoted a new type of exhaust hood equipment, which is an equipment that we highly recommend to bosses who open a barbecue restaurant to purchase.   Do you encounter these confusions in your BBQ restaurant: 1.There is a lot of oily smoke in the restaurant, resulting in a poor customer experience 2.Barbecue fume, choking, full of fume 3.Barbecue fume, which greatly affects appetite 4.Customer loss, business decline It has an independent small fan: auxiliary smoke exhaust, more uniform suction Aluminum foil tube: connect to the fan, connect to the main pipe Pull box: control the up and down stretch of the pipe Lifting pipe: stainless steel   If you are interested in it, the more details you can require us, CENHOT members will answer them for you. 

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  • Happy Chinese National Day - CENHOT

    Happy Chinese National Day - CENHOT

    Sep 30, 2021

    Once the special commemoration method of National Day becomes a new and universal holiday form, it will bear the function of reflecting the cohesion of this country and nation. At the same time, the large-scale celebrations on National Day are also a concrete manifestation of the government's mobilization and appeal. October 1st is Chinese national day, Every time this day comes, all the Chinese people celebrate together and feel extremely proud of our motherland’s continued prosperity and strength. Happy Chinese National Day to all Chinese people!!!

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  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    Sep 18, 2021

    September 21 is China’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year when this day comes, people in China will have dinner with their families, admire the moon, eat moon cakes, guess lantern riddles, raise lanterns, etc.  The purpose is to sit together and have a happy chat as a family. CENHOT  team wishes you and yours a happy holiday on this gathering day. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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  • New Products-Charcoal BBQ Grill From CENHOT

    New Products-Charcoal BBQ Grill From CENHOT

    Sep 03, 2021

    On April 20th, Cenhot members held a demonstration of the operation of a new product  charcoal BBQ grill. This new type of grill uses a purifier to purify the smoke. During the barbecue, it is ensured that there is no smoke during the barbecue. At the same time, When the charcoal fire is strong, the barbecue needs to be constantly turned over to ensure that the barbecue will not burn and cause waste. Seeing the pictures above, are you excited? We experienced this oven very smoothly, so hurry up and place your order.

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