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  • Do you know What are the types of domestic hot pot? Jul 3,2020
    Today we want to introduce the types of hot pot in China to you! Beijing lamb hot pot:It has the unique flavor and people love it;South Gate hot pot,Yangfang hotpot,Donglaishun,Small lamb,Dingdingxiang and so on.   Chongqing spicy hot pot,which is spicy and mellow and it’s famous in China.  Gunagdong sesfood hot pot:Delicious and people who eat it would taste it again.  Guangdong ca...
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  • What are the types of hot pot tables Jan 11,2020
    There are many kinds of hot pot table materials, and the appearance is also diverse, and each has its own advantages. For modern hot pot restaurants, the choice is wider, and it is more suitable for setting the atmosphere in the store. Common hot pot tables include wooden tables, marble tables, and stainless steel metal tables, which represent three popular elements of simplicity, simplicity, and ...
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  • How to choose specific heating equipment for hot pot restaurants Jan 4,2020
    After the heating method is determined, it is how to purchase specific heating equipment. There are several factors to keep in mind: 1. Safety --- Check the factory name, trademark, and factory certificate when buying. Do not buy three non-products. Products produced by regular manufacturers have basically no problems in safety and are relatively guaranteed after sales. 2. The size of firepower-fi...
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  • Teach you how to choose a hot pot table more professionally Dec 24,2019
    Professional hot pot tables should meet the following requirements (1) Equipped with professional heating equipment --- regular products, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient operation and simple maintenance; (2) Reasonable product structure design --- simple installation, stable and safe, smooth ventilation, concealed wiring and convenient switching; (3) Beaut...
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  • How to choose hot pot table and chair color Dec 19,2019
    If you have opened a hot pot restaurant before, you must know how painful it is to choose a hot pot table. If you are preparing to open a new hot pot restaurant, you may be experiencing the headache of choosing a hot pot table. As a salesperson of the hot pot table manufacturer, share your personal experience. First, clarify the decoration color of the hot pot restaurant. For example, the classic ...
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  • Advantages of Induction Cooker Hot Pot Table Dec 14,2019
    In recent years, with the rapid development of modern catering industry, the development of hot pot catering industry is getting faster and faster, especially modern autumn and winter are slowly coming. More and more people like to eat hot pot. Environmental protection, energy saving, safe hot pot catering More and more attention from the public, so the gas stoves in the market gradually began to ...
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