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  • Why choose Smokeless Hot Pot Jun 9,2021
    Nowadays more and more people eat hot pot, but one of the biggest problems of hot pot is that it smells too strong.So what is the solution?The answer is use smokeless hot pot! 1、Eating hot pot body no hot pot flavor, winter wear more clothes are not afraid to eat hot pot. 2、Hot pot restaurants are no longer smoky, become hygienic, clean, comfortable. 3、The mouth of the hot pot is no longer hot and...
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  • Healthier barbecue methods for your reference May 24,2021
    We can have both deliciousness and health if pay more attention to the process of roasting and eating. Let’s take a look at which methods of grilling are wrong: Mistake 1: Too much scorch. Eating burnt substances are easy to cause cancer. When meat fat drops on charcoal fire, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced will volatilize and attach to food with smoke, which is also a strong carcino...
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  • How to improve customer satisfaction in your HOT POT & BBQ RESTAURANT Apr 25,2021
    Let me tell you how important service details are in the hot pot & bbq restaurant business. Telephone reservation service There are still most customers used to telephone reservations before dinner, they can choose your restaurant in many options, has been the absolute trust of the restaurant, on behalf of the restaurant has completed the customer's mental pre-sale, such customers are absolute...
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  • Hot Pot Trivia(Part 1) Mar 24,2021
    For girls who love to eat hot pot, this is a entanglement, first of all, eating hot pot is easy to acne, followed by eating hot pot is easy to gain weight, no matter what point, are the most girls do not love to see, but there is a way to eat. Now teach you 11 little knowledge to eat hot pot, how not to grow fat, not acne? 1、The clear soup pot is the most nourishing The heat quantity of the bottom...
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  • Barbecue Tips Mar 21,2021
    1.Different ingredients, different baking methods Roast slices: Thin slices of meat can be cooked in about 3 minutes. It should not be grilled for too long, otherwise the meat will become hard or charred. Then it won’t taste good. Pork and beef must be cooked until it is fully cooked, otherwise the tenderness of the meat will be destroyed. Seafood food and fish: When grilling clams and fish fillet...
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  • The Origin and History of Hot Pot Mar 11,2021
    Ding was the most commonly used cooker for cooking and offering sacrifices during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties -- today's pot.The difference between the tripod and the pot is that the tripod has three legs and does not need another hearth. It can be directly placed on the ground. When cooking, the firewood will be placed under the belly to burn.This kind of tripod, it is a kind of chafing dish act...
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  • How is Korean barbecue ? Jan 27,2021
    Strictly speaking, Korean barbecue should be regarded as a kind of "fried meat",It uses an induction cooker or a thick iron pot. The service lady first brushes a thin layer of oil on it,Then put steak, beef tongue, sirloin, seafood, sashimi, etc. on top.In the blink of an eye, the scent of meat will float into your lungs, and with the sound of meat on it, "sizzling oil", people sitting around...
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  • What's Hot Pot Induction Cooker? Jul 9,2020
    Induction cooker specially used for making hot pot that is hot pot induction cooker, is specially used for hot pot restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and other catering businesses. The main function is to make hot pot. There are three types of induction cooker: hot pot induction cooker, household induction cooker, and commercial induction cooker for catering and kitchen.And Hot pot induction cookers ...
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  • What are the types of hot pot tables Jan 11,2020
    There are many kinds of hot pot table materials, and the appearance is also diverse, and each has its own advantages. For modern hot pot restaurants, the choice is wider, and it is more suitable for setting the atmosphere in the store. Common hot pot tables include wooden tables, marble tables, and stainless steel metal tables, which represent three popular elements of simplicity, simplicity, and ...
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